About Me: Peter M Spencer

Peter M Spencer BA:


Hello! Here are some details about me just in case you are interested.


I was born in Mansfield, England and grew up in South Devon from the age of 7 where I now live. The lush green landscapes and wild coastline of this county, together with my interests in the natural world, drive me to capture these wonders in glorious oil colour.


Since my school days I have had an affinity and a passion for nature, birdlife, art and flying. It will be of no surprise therefore that my paintings often combine landscapes and skies with that of birds and flying.


I paint mostly in oil colour as I feel at one with a juicy oil filled brush in my hand. Oil paints for me are more energetic, expressive and the paintings I create more fulfilling.


I am on a continuous journey of learning and development and strive for greater excellence in my art and anticipate continuing my development infinitely into spirit.


I am a member of the Devon Art Society and Torbay Guild of Artists.


Please enjoy my artwork and by all means contact me with any questions, suggestions or comments.


email: peteonart@petermspencer.com


Thank You!





This year at the Devon Art Society 211th AGM I was delighted to be presented with The Jenni Pentecost Vega Award. I believe its for both improvement in art and dedication to the society.





September 2023 I received a "Highly Commended" certificate for Juicy Fruit.



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