Fine Art

by Peter M Spencer

Little Haldon Oil Painting

Its All About Oil Painting From Conception To Presentation and Beyond

Join me as I create joyful artworks both outdoors and in the studio. This painting was of Little Haldon, Devon on a very misty morning.

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Its all about Oil Painting

Join me as I create artworks both outdoors and in. Be inspired to have a go yourself.

Oil paints are my medium of choice, for me there is no better experience than the feeling of painting with juicy, luscious oil paint.

An oil painting has great depth, it can be bright and colourful creating pleasure in the home, or it can represent places and times that bring back wonderful memories into our daily lives. I strive to create works of fine art that bring joy and pleasure into homes at affordable prices.

I have a strong belief that life is about learning to develop and developing to learn.

With that belief in mind I invite you to join me as I explore all aspects of oil painting. Watch me as I paint some original artworks and join me as I re-visit the basic skills of drawing and painting with oil colours. As I continue to learn I will once again be practising tried and tested techniques, and explore new methods and processes. I will push myself out of my comfort zone as I no doubt discover new experiences and secrets along the way.

Its all about showing!

I hope I can entice you to have a go too. It really is great fun.
It does not matter if its all new to you or if your an experienced artist, Iā€™m sure I will elicit some joy, fun and new skills into your day.


Have you ever wondered if it is possible to learn to paint?

Have you ever wondered if you could draw like a master artist?

The answer to those questions is yes you can!

Let me prove to you that you can. No not in a year or two but right now! After the first simple exercise you will be drawing great images as if by magic.
And there is no charge.

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I have some very special collections, some are available right now, some are work in progress. I hope you enjoy watching them develop.