Cockington Ice

A power cut on a -6 degree day in mid-January drove me outside. I was not sure where to go, it had to be local and provide lunch. I finally chose Cockington Village in Torquay. A quintessential English village, thatched cottages, babbling stream, lakes and t

he mansion house Cockington Hall.



I donned thermal trousers, a down-under jacket, and full winter apparel and headed off. The sun and shadows are strong, photos are often challenging by being either over or under-exposed. A grad filter would have been great but sadly not with me today. So many potential views for artwork, I was spoilt for choice, and looking back through the pictures later at home there are so many to choose from. A very productive excursion.


After going through the Lodge entrance and up to the lakes, I came across the first location with emotive views. The lake is frozen, the trees vibrant with their winter foliage and bronze colouring. The path is frosty and slippery, the chill factor is high, no wind, all is still and the whole scene is bathed in strong low winter glowing sunshine.


This had to be my first painting from the day's emotional experience.


Here is a video of the painting process, enjoy.