As Above

As Above

Development of The Soul

Eternal Existence


What If! And what might that mean?



In the later part of 2023, I decided to create paintings aligned to the idea of Eternal Existence. Following that decision I have been developing and extending my thoughts and ideas based on my personal beliefs, experiences, contemplation, and meditation, in addition to asking my higher self, guides, and helpers for direction and input. This combined with some research has resulted in philosophical ideas, thoughts, and beliefs coming together to create a rich tapestry of possibilities.


My task as the artist is to translate some of these ideas into graphical form creating interesting, uplifting, and joyful paintings.


One way in which I work is to ask myself “What If, and what could that mean?” questions. This throws up some interesting ideas, especially regarding the nonphysical or spiritual side of Eternal Existence.


Part 1: Considerations relating to the painting “As Above”.


Let us say that DNA creates and forms the makeup of natural forms such as in the human body.


Natural selection acts on an organism's phenotype or physical characteristics. Phenotype is determined by an organism's genetic makeup (genotype) and the environment in which the organism lives. When different organisms in a population possess different versions of a gene for a certain trait, each of these versions is known as an allele.


Deviation by natural selection allows a species and individuals to follow an existence away from what may be considered the current ideal form or developmental pathway. The stronger more successful deviation is maintained and weaker more vulnerable ones have a tendency to die.


Deviation therefore enables a species to adapt over time. The level of deviation may be naturally managed by the law of homeostasis.


(Homeostasis is any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability. The stability attained represents a dynamic equilibrium, in which continuous change occurs yet relatively uniform conditions prevail.) 


B-DNA has an alignment to the Fibonacci ratio or sequence (1: 1.618) both in lateral and cross-sectional views.  (Ref: DNA Structure and The Golden Ratio Revisited by Stuart Henry Larson  file:///C:/Users/peteh/Downloads/symmetry-13-01949-v2.pdf or ). The peaks of B-DNA strands occur at 1 to 0.608 spacing within a (0.5%) satisfactory level of statistical significance. A cross-sectional view of the molecule shows the primary or canonical nucleobase of adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine (ATCG) creating a formal structure of a ten-pointed star. The five and ten-pointed star is created by combining the golden triangle which is formed in line with the Fibonacci ratio. 


Fig 1. The Golden Triangle where the ratio between a/b = 1.618

Fig 2. Structure of the five and ten-pointed star.


Golden Triangle


As an aside: Some may argue that natural structures including the B-DNA are not exact as they deviate away from the perfect mathematical ratio.


So let us pose this question in response!


What if this is an intentional natural design feature of all creation. This would perhaps contribute to and allow for the deviation of the species and as a result, enable the development of nature and all creation.


The bible states “God made man in his own image or likeness” What if this translation and original transference of that idea is not strictly accurate. What if all physical creation including man is made in alignment with or to the structure of (“God”) the Divine power behind all creation. One significant aspect of that structure may well be the Fibonacci ratio and structures like the golden triangle and spiral structures as seen throughout nature. If we combine deviations from this mathematical rule of perfection, such as through natural selection, and that deviation is limited by the law of homeostasis, we may have one mechanism for understanding how “God” manages and controls the evolution and development of all creation.


So far I have considered the foundations of the development of the soul through the evolution and development of all creation as we see and experience it from the physical perspective.


A brief summation therefore could say that our purpose is to develop as a cosmic universal creation and all species existing within the physical realms adhere to the principle laws of nature and creation. The ones considered above are the Fibonacci ratio and homeostasis which allows for evolutionary change within a controlled environment.


Q: Are not humans different?


I hear you loud and clear but in the interests of creating a piece of art, I am parking this question to the side for now to be considered another day and may be in another artwork.


Let's just say that the above I am sure is a huge simplification and there are most likely many more laws of creation that have not been considered here.



Part 2 Application of ideas to the painting “As Above”


A Soul in Development

Now that I have set the stage, let's consider the non-physical or spiritual realm and how to depict this in my painting “As Above”.


What if the spiritual realm adheres to the above laws of creation? If we were able to visually see this realm in action what might it look like.?


I created the painting “As Above” based on the above principles, my thoughts, beliefs, and inspiration from my higher self through contemplation and meditation.


I considered the idea of our soul being structured “in his own image”. Applying a reverse idea of B-DNA structure being macroscopic instead of microscopic, the developing and evolving soul is thus represented by a B-DNA-like structure. The canonical nucleobase proteins are replaced by specific and significant learning experiences represented by light forms and shapes in the soul structure. The learning experiences are perhaps many life experiences, significant learning and development experiences in spirit, and perhaps other experiences we may only guess at and consider as possibilities at this time. All these experiences come together to form the soul personality and spiritual form.


Q: What if the spiritual realm is physical but unseen by us from a physical perspective?

Q: What other experiences might the soul have had or have in its future development?

More questions to consider on another day and great to contemplate.


All these experiences come together to form the soul personality and spiritual form.


In terms of the development of the soul, the ideal path could be represented by that of a spiral in alignment with the Fibonacci ratio. Many years ago I came across the term “Path of Least Resistance” and this struck a chord with me at the time and seems applicable here. Many Eastern doctrines suggest a life lived in balance and harmony is an ideal principle to live by, and this would align nicely with all that we have considered above.


In my painting this ideal path is represented by the spirals emanating out from the divine source, the light placed approximately on the canvas in alignment with the golden ratio. The purpose of the soul therefore is to develop and evolve to become closer to and ultimately align with the divine creator “God”.


Q: What if the soul has free will?


Let us consider that the soul does indeed have free will and that is expressed by the soul taking on experiences that are perhaps too easy, not energetically challenging enough, or too hard, more energetically demanding for it to accomplish. This perhaps may be represented in the painting by Souls drifting away from the ideal spiral path, either away from the light, or towards the light. An over-easy option may result in the soul having excess energy and perhaps being able to take on a more challenging experience another time bringing it back towards the ideal path, and a difficult experience may deplete the soul of energy resulting in it needing longer to rest and recuperate or to take on an easier less demanding experience next time.


Both options result in deviation from the ideal, and a homeostatic application by energetic forces bringing the soul development back towards the ideal path. In alignment with the laws of nature and laws of creation.


Q: What other aspects may have a bearing on the soul development by laws of creation? 


Q: What type of existence might a spiritual, non-physical one be?

Even more questions to consider on another day.


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What else is represented in the painting “As Above”:


1. Other souls are represented as dots, spots, spirals, and many forms of light and shapes.


2. Other structures may represent other spatial forms in spirit, animals, building structures, and other beings.


3. The light focal point, shows a ten-pointed star which you could say is the heart of the divine creator, in this case in perfect form. This was previously shown above in the B-DNA structure. The light centre is where all spiral paths meet and could represent a transition point for the soul arriving in alignment with the divine creator “God”.


As Above” the Development of the Soul and Eternal Existence



Considers ideas representing laws of nature as laws of creation and the biblical statement that “god created man in his own image (or likeness)” as a more eternal structural form. This should be considered with the addition of the life force energy and the spiritual light within all creation both physical and spiritual (Non-Physical).


Only so much can be considered in the creation of one painting, I will be creating further artworks aligned with the idea of Eternal Existence in the coming weeks and months. 


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