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1.0 Eternal Existence: Home

2.0 Book of the week:

3.0 Creative Inspiration For Artists



1.0 WIP: Eternal Existence – Home – Product Pre-Release.


Another busy week and a painting complete. I did enjoy this journey as I was tasked to combine the idea of Eternal Existence with buildings at an unusual angle. The task was born from my theme of EE and the art club suggested task this week of buildings at unusual angles. Once again the little grey cells, were asked to talk to the higher self (or sub-conscious) and see what ensues. The Fibonacci pattern was considered once again and resulted in the snail's inclusion. The painting was produced once in layers, brighter transparent colours were used as the base. A layer of transparent red oxide and brown oxide was applied over the whole of the painting and areas lifted out to capture the effect of the buildings and cloud formations. Transparent ultramarine was added to give the sky more depth and body and finally opaques were applied to finish the details.


An Oil Colour painting


Peter M Spencer


Home represents the idea of soul entities moving slowly and steadily towards their eternal home, depicted here by the light. The painting shows various types of home, the pyramid, the snails and the high rise buildings all pointing toward the light source.


The painting is 60×45 cm oil on canvas








2.0 Book of the Week: Abstract Nature by Waltraud Nawratil


For the artists that like to play.
Waltraud Nawratil was born in Austria in 1947. Since the 1980s, she has lived with her husband and children in Schönering, Upper Austria. Her garden serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her painting work.
There is a wealth of stunning abstract pieces which will provide inspiration for the more experienced painters as well as the beginner. The book covers variations through all seasons, teaching the reader to see the natural world with creativity and a fresh new perspective.
22 stunning projects will inspire your own interpretation of the changing seasons and help you develop your own personal abstract style.



3.0 Creative Inspiration For Artists
Unlock boundless realms of your imagination with the following ideas. In this digital sanctuary, we embark on a journey to explore diverse avenues of creative inspiration for artists, invigorating your creativity and propelling your artistic endeavours to new heights.
Artistry is a unique dance of the mind, heart, and soul and sometimes with a bit of the physical thrown in. At times, every artist encounters the blank mind or the challenge of a white blank canvas, staring back with intimidating emptiness. Fear not, for this space is where we delve into an array of techniques, ideas, and insights that will illuminate the canvas and infuse it with life.

a. Embracing Nature's Palette

The world around us is a treasure trove of colours, shapes, and textures waiting to be translated into art. Venture into the great outdoors, absorb the sights and sounds, and let the beauty of nature seep into your artistic consciousness. The dappled sunlight filtering through leaves, the gentle curve of a riverbank, or the vibrant hues of a sunset, nature is an eternal muse.
Venturing into the great outdoors is not just about observing nature; it's about absorbing it. Let the rustle of leaves, the scent of blooming flowers, and the play of sunlight on foliage become a source of inspiration. Outdoor searching goes beyond visual stimuli it's about immersing yourself in the sensory banquet that nature provides, fuelling your creativity with its organic beauty.
Zoom in, zoom out shift your perspective. Explore the micro and macro views of your subject matter. Delve into intricate details or step back to see the grand panorama. The interplay between these scales can offer new insights, enriching your art with layers of complexity and meaning.
Take time to look up as well as down, you will be amazed at the sights you would otherwise have missed. Look for textures, shapes and patterns everywhere, notice the architecture high above. I once went into a run down corner pet shop, looked up while waiting for service and found the most amazing Victorian architectural ceiling, you never know where the little gems pop out from. Do a sketch, write in a journal or the sketchbook, take a photo. As you become engrossed in the world around you, you will fill every cell of your being with joy.


b. Personal Interests: A Tapestry of Self

Beliefs, Sport, Work, Hobbies, People, and Social

Your personal interests are the threads that weave into the fabric of your artistic identity. Drawing inspiration from your beliefs, whether spiritual, philosophical, or cultural, infuses your art with authenticity and depth. Engage with the diverse aspects of your life, be it the adrenaline of sports, the dynamics of your work, or the cherished moments with friends and family. The social tapestry of your existence becomes a wellspring of emotions and experiences to draw upon in your artistic endeavours.

c. Storytelling Through Art
Art has the power to tell stories, to convey emotions and narratives beyond words. Consider infusing storytelling elements into your creations. Explore characters, plot lines, and themes that resonate with you. Whether through a single image or a series of artworks, storytelling adds depth and meaning to your craft, making it more relatable and engaging for your audience.
Choose a theme and create a spray diagram of ideas around the theme. Consider the subject of the theme and note down both art aspects and non art aspects related to the theme. Both may foster ideas for your creative juices. Consider what message you want to say, what emotions you want to create in your viewer and bring joy into being through your art.


To see the full article and 8 more powerful ideas to get past artists block go to the web page here:



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