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1.0 Art Collectors Guide Part I: Make sure you get your free bonus below.

2.0 Book of the week: Colour Choices by Stephen Quiller.

3.0 Eternal Existence:

4.0 30 images in 2 Hours: Can it be done and why bother?



1.0 Announcing the release of The Art Collectors Guide Part I.


The guide is provided as a free pdf document and contains a list of 100 locations where art enthusiasts can discover art. The locations are diverse and include both local venues and online options. Following on from the list the guide delves deeper and discusses the type of venue and accessibility, the type of artwork that may be found, the price points and benefits of collecting in the location. The guide is designed to cater for everyone, beginner collectors, art enthusiasts, and the more seasoned curator may also find some hidden gems not previously considered.


To obtain your copy simply join our community of art enthusiasts, you will not only get the free 30 plus page e book, but you will also receive the “Creative Discoveries – A Riveting Insight for Artists and Collectors”. A regular publication where I investigate and discuss the world of collecting art and show my own artwork being created explaining technique and process.


I will also be providing advance notification of artworks to be exhibited and published. If that is not enough I am giving away as a bonus a free e-print of “7 For A Secret”.


An Oil Colour painting
Peter M Spencer


This painting is one of
seven that were themed around
the nursery rhyme “one for sorrow”


2.0 Book of the Month: Colour Choices – Making Colour Sense Out Of Colour Theory by Stephen Quiller.


This is not a dry discourse on colour theory, the book is filled with wonderful images produced by the author that not only satiates the senses but demonstrates the theoretical discussion on each aspect of applied colour theory for artists. The book also provides exercises for the practising artist to follow which as we all know ensures the theory that is read is memorised by application.


The beginning of the book discusses actual pigments the artist can buy and specifies where they fit on the colour wheel ensuring the artist can buy clean colours with accurate complements to match. Suggestions cover watercolour, acrylics and oils along with seven or eight manufacturers of pigments.


I have found the book a joy to have, and is frequently referred to as a reference source. Definitely a great book for any artist to own.


3.0 Embark on My Artistic Journey of Eternal Existence!


Step into the captivating world of Eternal Existence with me—a realm where the soul transcends the boundaries of time and space, embracing an everlasting journey of existence in various forms. But what does Eternal Existence truly mean?

In the simplest terms, it's the idea that as soul entities, we don't cease to exist. Instead, our essence persists in different manifestations, an eternal dance through the tapestry of existence.


Now, let's dive into the heart of this profound concept. I, the visionary artist behind my art website, have embarked on a captivating artistic endeavour to bring the essence of Eternal Existence to life.

As I grapple with the challenge of visually capturing this intricate concept, I invite you to join me on this journey. The Creative Discoveries bulletin is your window into my creative process—a glimpse into the thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that shape each stroke of my brush or click of the camera shutter.


Why embark on this journey? Because by delving into the exploration of eternal existence, we can awaken a deeper connection with nature, with each other, and with the world around us. I believe that this introspective journey has the power to inspire contemplation, encouraging us all to consider the profound nature of our current physical existence and its interconnectedness with the universe.


But that's not all—I invite you to break through the surface and see, experience, and appreciate the beauty of nature, humanity, and the world through the lens of infinite existence. It's a call to action, a reminder of the importance of conserving and cherishing all that surrounds us.


Join me on this thought-provoking odyssey as art becomes a vessel for exploring the mysteries of eternal existence. Together, let's ponder the depths of our souls and the interconnectedness that binds us to the cosmos.

Don't miss out on this artistic journey—subscribe to my newsletter and be a part of a community that seeks to unravel the secrets of Eternal Existence through the lens of creativity.

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Let the exploration begin!



4.0 30 Images in 2 Hours: Can it be Done and Why Bother!

This week at the art club I attempted to create 30 images in 2 hours. My objective was to break myself free from the restrictive methods and processes that have in my humble opinion restricted my creative freedom and to determine which materials and processes I enjoy most. This is an ongoing activity which I started earlier this year, I have taken some time out each week to follow the Milan Art Institute, (MAI), online training and have found the course both professionally presented and enriching in my development. The MAI suggest artists challenge themselves to do 33 small images each day for 3 days if they have artist block. I believe my exercise satisfied my objective so far, but believe the 33x3 challenge would almost certainly do a better job. So how did I get on?


First I prepared 30 sheets of A4 watercolour paper by taping the edges with Frog Tape. I started the exercise at the art club first using a chines brush and doing false writing, adding inks or acrylic paint and water spray. I then moved on to using inks and water spray with acrylics adding alcohol spray or salt for textures, I also used spray paints on occasion. Finally I used acrylics with retarder and extraction tools. Working in sets of about 5 images in a row I managed to produce 19 images at the art club which was 2 hours minus 15 min break minus 15min to clear up. 1.5 hour active painting. In the afternoon at home using mostly spray paint and stencils, or acrylics and water spray I finished the remaining 11 images.


In conclusion I found the exercise fun and enjoyable, I felt drawn to using spray paints with various stencils and the process of extraction. So in the sense of refining my process I succeeded. However I did find that after a while I struggled to maintain a free flow of ideas without drifting back to a landscape feel to the overall subject. Not surprising I guess as most of my artwork is landscapes and I describe myself as a landscape artist. I did feel happy about this so that was also a good outcome.

Would I recommend the activity. Yes! But if possible do the 33×3 challenge on A5 paper sheets as I feel this would probably be better and I may well carry out this exercise at a later date.

PS: I will no doubt use many of these images as underpaintings so the cost of materials is not wasted either.



Warm regards,





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